Variety Acts & Entertainment 



Look up...It’s a bird...It’s a plane...


No, it’s Zakari stilt walking at over 9 feet tall! Wait a minute, what’s that I see? He is making balloon art for everyone. Always quick with a joke, Zakari will entertain and amuse young and old alike with his talents.



Creating balloons into art!

We have taken old fashion balloon twisting to a new it’s an art form. It can be for a child’s birthday party, resort, grand opening or even a delivery to brighten someone’s day.



One-of-a-kind balloon creations

We will create arches, columns, and one of a kind balloon creations to add color and create a theme to your event. No venue is too big or too small. 



We have FUN down to a Science!

This self-contained show can be performed on your stage or mine. It includes real science experiments that will not only make the audience say ‘WOW’ but will also spark interest in science. This show is visual, informative, and includes audience participation and is great for fairs, festivals, libraries, and schools.



So, why did the chicken cross the road?

Of course to take farmer Zak to the other side. Yes, farmer Zak is riding the chicken around your event and telling all the “corny” chicken jokes. This is a great act for fairs, festivals, parades, photo ops, grand openings, 5K runs and is only limited by your imagination.



A show that's fun for all

Weather is it walk around at a cocktail party with close up, at a birthday party with kids magic, or a large stage illusions show, we can provide a show that will be fun for everyone.



Wonder & Amusement

Very popular in Europe, New Orleans and other large cities, living statues create a sense of wonder and amusement. Zak performs a unique statue called “Blu the Living Statue” that sits on an invisible chair. Other costumes and themes are available!



Customized services for your event!

Holiday Characters, Face Painting, Airbrush Tattoos, Wacky Hair, Spin Art, Mermaids, and More. Let us know what you want even if it is a “tap-dancing kangaroo on roller skates." With our experience and connections, we just might be able to find it for your event.

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